Not so long ago, rumours were circulating among the gambling community that: “The old Slots are not the same anymore!”, and our team from Johnny D., Valentin Blinov, Victoria Blinova decided to check some of them out. And all this so that you can always be aware of changes faster than others, because everything is best for you.

We have done a lot of analysis to give you the most meaningful answer possible. And so let’s move on to the slot itself. Our team monitors different streamers in different countries. Since the conditions differ in different countries and different casinos, so do the winnings. We will consider this on the example of several slots such as Dog House, Sweet Bonanza, Gates of Olympus. This is one of the most popular slots in recent times.

Let’s take a look at each of them separately and then summarise them, so let’s get started.

The Dog House

The Dog House Megawase - Bonus Buy_resultThis slot is very controversial, at least because there are 3 different popular variants of this slot: The Dog House Megaways, The Dog House Multihold, and The Dog House.

And they all differ not only in name, but also in game mechanics and bonus spins in the slots themselves. In order to draw the best conclusion, we chose The Dog House Megaways.

We chose it because you can buy bonus spins there, and it is average in terms of the mechanics used.

And what did we get? Unfortunately, we got a negative balance after the purchase, that is, we did not go to a balance of -$700 but minus the purchase price.
We bought it for $1000, and in turn we got …, of course, this is only one case from the sample, but here we show our experience, and you can choose whether to believe us or not, in extreme cases you can try it yourself).

Sweet Bonanza

sweet bonanza bonus buy winThis is the most scandalous slot, and that’s what makes it so interesting. Not so long ago, you could often see it on social networks and the Internet in general. Like the previous slot, it has a lot of variations, for example: Sweet Bonanza, Sweet Bonanza Xmas, Sweet Bonanza Dice, Sweet Dream Bonanza.

Their mechanics are quite similar and mainly differ only in the visual component, so you can consider any of the variations.
So what’s the situation with Bananza? Has it really lost its charm and winnings again? The answer is that this time we tried 3 bonus purchases to make the sample more interesting.

We bought them for €300 each (we’ll only post the best attempt). So what about the balance? Well, roughly speaking, we ended up with a 0 balance. Out of all 3 purchases, 2 of them gave us a negative balance, but one of them paid off all the expenses.

Gates of Olympus

gates olympus bonus buy winAnd of course, it’s the turn of “Grandfather”! Everything is a little simpler and more complicated with him. The mechanics of this slot are similar to the large version of other slots, including Banana Splits.

You could also see it often in advertising and on social media, and in the top slots of many countries.

This time, we made 2 purchases of bonus spins for €500 each. And you can’t even imagine our surprise when we received … from both purchases, and it was a real shock.

We were in a serious plus, and pleasantly surprised.

Johnny D.

So what are our conclusions? Have slots already lost their luck? Is RTP working properly?

And our answer is yes, the RTP works as it should, in general, we have lost a little balance, but this is a normal situation and we were ready for it.
All three slots: The Dog House, Sweet Bonanza, Gates of Olympus, surprised us in different ways.

The Dog House gave us a negative result, and to say that we are not satisfied is an understatement.

Sweet Bonanza kept its balance at the same level, and the conclusion to this slot is not unambiguous, and it’s hard to say that this slot has lost its position.

Gates of Olympus gave us the biggest win, so we’re happy with the winnings and the slot itself.

We can’t recommend it, but we can’t say that “Old Slots are not the same lately!”, and the RTP rate guarantees a variance, so choose carefully.