Hello everyone, I, along with the Ny Online Casino team, namely Johnny D., Valentin Blinov, Victoria Blinova, have reviewed the Joe Fortune casino platform. We made a deposit and tried out the various tools and features of this casino. So what did we do? We made a minimum deposit of 200 AUD and tried to play all the most interesting slots and more. Unfortunately, due to technical reasons, we were unable to record the full video as we did😔. But we found a video where the author repeated our actions, so we think it will be appropriate to post it here, and here is the video:

And now more about our casino experience – . So we made the minimum deposit using the payment system – . Next, we tried to play the Sweet Bonanza slot, and our deposit increased by 2 times. We would like to note that we used the bonus, and since we used this bonus, we will need to wager x30 wager and therefore we need to wager 50x.

Our next step was to bet on the Gates of Olympus slot and unfortunately our bet did not play 😢, we bought Free Spins with a bet of $2. and now we need to return the deposit and we have $15 left on our balance and which game should we choose? It will be Aviator, right, and what do we have as a result of 3 games? And here’s the answer:

  1. Win x2.30
  2. Unfortunately, our plane took off before we pressed the withdrawal button. In general, greed does not lead to good things, but thanks to the last bet, we still have a balance and another bet.
  3. And the sounds of a ram… we won with a bet of x3.15

The next game is Baccarat, which is by the way the most popular game for most VIP players in online casinos. You look at this game in a Live casino and it looks simple, but it’s not. Here are the brief rules:

The aim of Baccarat is to score a combination of cards with a total score of 9 or as close to 9 as possible. An ace counts for one point, cards 2 to 9 count for face value, and figures and tens count for zero points. If the total amount is 10 or more, 10 is subtracted from it, and the balance is taken into account when calculating the results.

And again, we played 3 games and it turned out that we got 90% of our deposit back. In principle, we can consider that this is not such a bad result. A few words about the withdrawal of the deposit, it was extremely fast, we did not expect it to be so fast ourselves.

Johnny D.

In general, Joe Fortune is a fairly paying casino. Despite the fact that we were not able to withdraw the entire amount from the deposit (which we were of course ready for because we consciously took this risk to make this review for you), we were satisfied with the game and in general our impressions are pleasant. Of course, we cannot recommend it, online casinos are a choice for everyone, and when you choose to play in a casino or not, keep in mind that it is a huge risk and you can lose your money, and do not forget about the dangers of gambling addiction. If you choose to play in a casino, play responsibly!