Valentin Blinov

I write about online casinos and games for more than five years, as an expert and author. I am interested in the latest technologies and design of online slots, as well as ways to win in different casino games such as roulette, blackjack and poker. I test every game and casino site that I write about, and share my impressions and advice with readers on my web page and social media. I also enjoy watching movies about gambling, especially “Casino” with Robert De Niro, which shows the passion and emotions of the game.

I graduated from IUBH School of Business and Management in Germany with a bachelor’s degree in multimedia journalism. I also learned online marketing and SEO to improve my skills in creating and distributing content. I always follow the latest events and trends in the gaming industry, as well as the rules and licenses of online casinos in different regions. I strive to provide my readers with up-to-date and useful information about the best online casinos and their offers.